From George Mason University Coursework

Essays and Papers

What I Believe Paper

This  paper demonstrates how my beliefs about learning changed after completing EDIT704,  a course on learning theory. The statements are tied to research and justified through quotes from theorists we studied in this course.

Research Proposal Paper

This research proposal investigated the efficacy of formative assessment. Through my research in EDIT 590, I discovered that studies about the efficacy of formative assessment are insufficient to determine whether formative assessment has an effect on learning outcomes. Further research is needed with a focus on which types of formative assessment are the most effective.

E-learning Project Description

This artifact describes a plan for an e-learning project that I developed in EDIT 575 on Captivate. Using a presentation I had developed to train teachers on how to keep the audience engaged during presentations, I planned additional interactivity in Captivate such as quiz slides.

Independent e-Learning and Photoshop Projects

These images were developed in EDIT 575 on Photoshop and demonstrate how I was able to use filters, add text. and modify the text using various features available on Photoshop.

climbing stairs baby2 dandelion3 yellow literacy3








Homeschooling Community of Practice Proposal

This project describes the Homeschooling Community of Practice that I developed using principles of CoP and the instructional design process to identify an instructional solution to a learning problem. I defined the learning problem as being a lack of connectivity between homeschooling families to share ideas and resources. The design solution is a community of practice that allows the families to connect and share with one another about their homeschooling practices. You can see the sample website by clicking into the Sample Online Learning Community menu button above.

IBM Agile Leadership Gantt Chart

This is an example of a project planning document that I created for EDIT 706 on the business of ISD. This GANTT chart shows how I would implement the Agile Leadership Cohort for IBM in order to help meet its learning need to raise revenue worldwide.

Group Projects


In this team project, my partner and I each selected a sample learning environment to investigate. I investigated Coursera, a more objectivist learning environment. My partner investigated eCYBERMISSION, a collaborative and competitive online and in-person learning environment. We demonstrated that each type of learning environment had different merits and was useful for different purposes.

DWI Project Appendix Files2 and DWI Investigation Project Management Report

This team project spanned two semesters. In EDIT 705, my team began by developing an instructional design document suggesting training for police officers on the topic of DUI investigations. In EDIT 573, we developed a project plan in which we investigated the risks and resource requirements, and developed the work schedule and project schedule.

GoHaskell! Prototype First Semester and GoScala! Mobile Learning App Second Semester

Another team project that spanned two semesters, the mobile application to learn coding was developed, revised, evaluated, and revised again in EDIT 732 and EDIT 752. We went through a total of three cycles of evaluation and revision. These courses taught me about the value of strategic testing. In our final round of evaluation, we used the online survey tool UserZoom to create a remote test for users. Here is a preview link to that test: UserZoom Remote Test Preview

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