Community Guidelines

Community of Practice Guidelines

A community of practice is learning environment where you are a valued contributor, whether you participate by asking questions or sharing knowledge and ideas. Please remain respectful, open-minded and accepting of differences of opinion. Our underlying assumption is that each of us is doing the best we can to educate the young people in our lives using our personal values as our guide. Contributions that diminish the collaborative and encouraging spirit of this community will be deleted and the member may risk losing the ability to post on the site. Use the checklist below to self-assess your communication skills.

Help us create the community rules by adding suggestions below these ideas:

1. Ask questions and ask for clarification when misunderstanding arises.

2. Use respectful tone at all times. No name calling!

3. Assume the best intentions on the part of your peers.

4. Encourage others, share your successes, and seek to learn and grow in your practice.

5. Stick to the topic. Off topic rambling, especially of political nature, will be deleted.

6. Focus on our primary goal of helping our children learn about the world and how to be a positive part of it.

What other hopes for positive interactions do you have?

Try our communication self-assessment!

Which of these characteristics of excellent communicators and collaborators have you already mastered? Which do you want to work toward improving? Share your thoughts in the comments.

A disclaimer: please ensure that you have built a relationship of mutual respect and trust before agreeing to meet in person or exchange contact information beyond what you make publicly available. This website takes no responsibility for the actions of its members. Use your best judgment when sharing your address and always first meet in a public place.

Comments or Questions

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