Tips for Posting to the site

Here are some ideas for how to contribute valuable posts to the site.

  1. Title your post with the topic or academic area of study

  2. Assign your post a category so it will go to the right place

  3. Write a brief summary of the learning question or activity

  4. If it is a lesson or activity, enumerate the steps

  5. Include pictures if possible!

Here is an example:

Teaching the Alphabet through Reading


I have had success using letter cut outs or magnetic letters during reading to bring my child’s attention to the letters we are learning. For example, I might select the letter “P” and have my child hold it while I read a book to her. Then, after reading a page, I’ll ask her “Do you see any words with the letter ‘P’ in it”? We still talk about the story as we read, but we add a bit of letter recognition to the process.

Step 1: Get a set of large letters

Step 2: Choose a book your child knows well

Step 3: Give your child the letter you want to focus on and check if they know which letter it is

Step 4: Read a page or two as your normally would. When you come upon a page where that letter is present several times, ask you child to find the letter on the page.

Step 5: Remind your child what sound the letter makes and read the word that contains the letter to reinforce the connection between the sound and its appearance in the word.

Hope you enjoy this activity!

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