Getting Started

This site is for you all, the home educators of the world.

Let’s admit it, being a child’s English, Science, History, Math and LIFE teacher is an outsized responsibility for just one person. Educating and raising up our next generation of young people is and should be a community responsibility.

Let’s learn together and teach one another how to share the job. For some of us, it may mean letting go of the idea that you are your child’s main teacher. For others, it may mean finding increasing ways to support families near you who are also homeschooling. Whatever your path is, this site may be able to help put you on solid ground. Let’s consolidate our hours of searching and planning to reduce the work load for the next person looking for how to teach a kid to read or how to teach a child to multiply. What has worked well for you? What should we flat out avoid trying?

Head to the community guidelines page to see the expectations for positive communication for this site, then look around at the various pages where you can add comments to share ideas by topic. Or, ask to become an author so you can create your own posts.

I look forward to working with you!


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