Welcome to our community.

Join us in the conversation about how to educate the young people in our lives. This community of practice website is designed to facilitate collaboration between home educators. Our common purpose is to improve our ability to educate our learners. Members will have opportunities to participate at increasing levels of  responsibility as they improve their practice and begin to share their expertise with newcomers. Check out our community guidelines to see suggested ways to participate.

To get started, take our strengths and interests survey to reflect on your own skills, interests and needs for the use of this site.

Next, explore our home education expert facilitated discussion boards to see what community members are discovering and sharing. Feel free to post your own discussion questions or to respond to questions with your knowledge and expertise. Members will be able to “like” your posts and review how valuable they find information you share. We will reach out to members who share consistently helpful posts to encourage them to join the “home education expert” panel and help moderate the community discussions.

Finally, once you feel comfortable as a community member, consider sharing your lessons, resource recommendations or simple descriptions of activities you found successful with your learners. Submit documents to the website by emailing or post your ideas as a comment in the resource and article sharing pages.

Thank you in advance for sharing your questions and ideas to help further the goals of this community of practice. Help us improve the functionality of the site by responding to this short website evaluation.

dandelion3 yellow

share your ideas

let them take flight

carried by the wind

into the hearts and minds

of those around you

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